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Transhumanism is coming? May be, but first take care of your body before you become immortal.

Transhumanism is coming? May be, but first take care of your body before you become immortal.

Personalized Phenotype Therapy®
may influence even four generations of your descendants.

Phenotype Therapy

0 years

of experience

It is possible to slow down your aging process, increasing your healthy lifespan from at least 3 years up to even 30 years.

We will tell you how to reverse your bio age far below your ID age in the healthy way, without wasting time and money.


satisfied patients

Functional anti-aging medicine.

First Time in the world,

personalized multifactorial therapy, really extending the lifespan, is available for almost everybody.


satisfied patients

Give yourself a gift to make you happy every single day of the rest of your life.

Regenerative Medicine Redefined. Where the science meets healthy life and longevity.

You are the only individual all around the world.

Effective treatment must be adopted to your unique Phenotype.

Proper diet and sufficient exercise are tried-and-true methods of increasing the length of your life.

Along with the modern medical technologies have nearly doubled the average lifetime over the past century.

We can not only eliminate the symptoms of chronic diseases, but also their cause - chronic inflammation.

Who we are

Who we are

For 25 years of work, we have built the most innovative private clinic in Poland.

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals, studying, learning and lecturing all around the world: America, Asia, and Europe.

Our clinic offers the best quality of service, adopts the newest medical innovations and technology.

We take care of the environment, sustainability, and social responsibility to live in the better world.

We are the first and up today the only clinic in the world

offering our unique Phenotype Therapy® for everybody


Noninvasive Heart, Immune & Brain Clinic

Strong HEART - Sharp MIND - Perfect IMMUNE system - general and strategic management.

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Liver & Gastrointestinal Clinic

Healthy LIVER and the whole gastrointestinal tract - the foundation of health and longevity.

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Noninvasive Longevity & Anti-Aging Clinic

Reliable Anti-aging Therapy to reverse biological age and slow down an aging and significantly increase the healthy life span.

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Innovative Chronic Diseases Clinic

All chronic diseases are the result of hidden chronic inflammation. Discover our master protocols for health and longevity.

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Safe Treatment of Obesity

Effective and safety overweight management. You don’t have to spend the rest of your life with the luggage of excess fat.

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Holistic Face, Skin, Hair and Body Clinic

The modern complex face and body therapy acts inside and outside the body stops skin aging as the effect of cell regeneration.

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Fertility, Pregnancy, and Libido Clinic

Natural and healthy methods to treat infertility issues, before you decide on in-vitro. Find out how to wisely try for a child in the 21st century.

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Long Covid Clinic

Long COVID or Post Covid is a new chronic illness you should treat as soon as possible. Covid disease shortens lives, and its complications increase this risk even more.

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New Medical Disciplines

after 100+ years of modern medical science developments:

Biology - Microbiology - Biochemistry - Biophysic - Epigenetic - Proteomic - Nanotechnology

New Medical Disciplines

Tissue - Cell - Mitochondria -
DNA - Microbiome

For 25 years already we have been putting all of them together to treat chronic dysfunctions, and diseases to assure longer and better life.

We protect your health

If you fix your metabolic and hormonal balance, you will not need all of those specialists for a long time, shows the newest epigenetics study.

Methylation diet study: Healthy middle-aged man became 3,23 years younger in 8 weeks - Kara Fitzgerald, Longevity Fest Las Vegas 2022-12-11

The first responsibility of physician is to prevent diseases. The second is to reduce pain.

To achieve these goals, we must reduce the hidden inflammation.

Personalized, multifactorial therapy

utilized our knowledge & experience allows us to achieve synergistic results that are not available for others.

Adopting food as medicine

the latest evidence-based research and cutting-edge innovations

From the letter we received in August 2016:

“I have visited several groups in the U.S. and elsewhere who are wanting to do something to spread the word of The China Study, and none is as successful as yours. I especially like you embracing the concept of wholism as the central idea for your work. I do hope that we will stay in contact.“

With best wishes,
Colin and Karen Campbell T. Colin Campbell, PhD Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry Cornell University

Welcome to Longevity Clinic

Longevity Clinic

Innovative Noninvasive Methodology


The world's first personalized, comprehensive functional therapies!

Phenotype Therapy®

- complex multifactorial therapy brings a synergy effect of treatment, utilizing most advanced genetics diagnostic tools and treatment procedures.

Metabolic Therapy

- simplest version of Phenotype Therapy® for less advanced chronic dysfunctions and as the perfect prophylactic therapy for everybody.

Ketogenic Therapy

- short time specific therapy to convert metabolism to utilize fatty acids instead of glucose as the source of cellular energy.

Antivirus therapy

- complex multifactorial, personalized therapy to strengthen the immune system to make the organism proof for the virus and bacterial infections.

Noninvasive Stem Cell

- make the most of your own stem cells without risky transplantation. You can tell your body to increase the amount of stem cells as well as improve their mobility and activity!

Cancer Preventive Therapy

- almost all cancers are developed for years on the imbalance and inflammation basis. Nutrient deprivation, oxygen deprivation and metabolic dysfunction might be managed.

Trichological Therapy

- first time in the world, complex, multifactorial, personalized therapy to treat hair loss issue and skin problems for man and woman, from inside the body

Cellulite Therapy

- comprehensive treatment of cellulite and possibly stretch marks should be implemented as early as possible. Do not wait to solve the problem at this very beginning stage.

Active Prophylaxis Therapy

- protect yourself against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, overweight, chronic skin disease, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, and other chronic diseases.

Why it works so effectively?

Our innovative personalized therapies:

Eliminate the sources of chronic inflammation that systematically damages tissues and cells of the body every day!

Improve the digestive tract to assure appropriate nutrition to the cells and mitochondria to produce energy, proteins, hormones and enzymes.

Assure the right amount of oxygen for every cell in your body to let them breathe and metabolize supplied row materials.

Improve the processes of elimination of environmental toxins and the waste products of the metabolism.

Reduced inflammation and improved digestion brings the endocrine systems to work effectively and balanced.

Optimization of drug administration reduces the risk of toxic deposits and dangerous side effects.

Morphology, biochemistry, inflammation, metabolism, nutri immunology, nutri genetics, farmaco genetics, glycolisation, ultrasound, advanced bioimpedance cell analysis.

Oxygen hyperbaric therapy, intermitten vacuum therapy, water therapy, laser therapy, nutrition therapy, light therapy, intravenous therapy.

Your body is a priceless treasure

The cost of treatment depends on your health condition and number of sessions.

The average cost of the personalized therapy is between 6 000 - 20 000 EUR

Your health is the best investment that always pays off!

  • Extending your healthy life for at least three years.
  • Rejuvenating your skin, hair, face, and body.
  • Improving your performance and productivity
  • Recovering your passion and the power to create.
  • Getting back, a sharp and clear brain to develop your ideas.
  • Fixing your heart to work as the perfect engine.
  • Fixing your liver and lungs to restore it’s natural function.
  • Perfecting your libido and sexual functions.
  • Reducing the risk of cancer, dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases.
  • Whole body rejuvenation.

This is a Mercedes Maybach S
from 195 000 - 255 000 EUR

For this price, you can get a:

  • Swanky limo brimming with luxuries
  • Incredible acoustic comfort
  • First-Class experience the moment you step in
  • Redesigned interior that emphasizes elegant ambience
  • When entertainment and convenience meet luxury
  • Uncompromised power
  • Progressive features that offer utmost safety
  • Distinctive looks with the Maybach touch

This is one of our Sechrist hyperbaric chambers HBOT for 245 000 EUR

It is used in our clinic to help us:

  • Extending your healthy life for at least three years.
  • Improve your performance, productivity, and creativity.
  • Bring more oxygen to your heart, your brain and all other organs.
  • Reduce the risk of heart arrest and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Reduce the inflammation in your body and speedup rejuvenation,
  • Increase a production of the Stem Cells in your body
  • Mobilize all cells, and especially the Stem Cells.
  • Reduce the risk of Depression, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases.

Human 2.0 - fixed:

Nervous system

Endocrine system

Respiratory system

Skin and Bones


Eyes and Ears

Cardiovascular system

Digestive system

Reproductive system

Immune system

Julia Trawinska invites

My name is Julia Trawińska, I am the Longevity Expert and General Manager of VIMED Medical Longevity Center. I am also main Functional Medicine Specialist in our Clinic".

Julia Trawinska with Agnieszka Radwanska

Longevity Expert

Member of the Aesthetic Multi-specialty Society (AMS). Specializes in immune and genetic diagnostics. Expert in the utilization of personalized therapies of lifestyle medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases. A graduate of Lazarski University and SWPS in Warsaw.

Julia Trawinska with Agnieszka Radwanska

Scientist & Researcher

Julia Trawinska graduated with honors from postgraduate studies at the Unicusano University in Rome, specializing in Clinical Nutrition. Author of many publications and lecturer at many conferences in Poland and abroad. Reviewer of publications on nutrition medicine. She works closely with scientific and research centers in Poland, Italy, Austria, and the USA. As the President of the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation, she runs health prevention campaigns. She also manages the Genelab Genetic and Immunological Diagnostics Center.

We kindly invite you to Warsaw

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phone: +48 603 395 844
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VIMED Medical Longevity Clinic attending the 21st Annual World Congress on Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging in Monaco from March 30 to April 1, 2023

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